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Pests, Pests, Go Away...

Winter is coming and nuisance animals are looking for their safe home to ride out those cold days. These pests will just move in without asking for your permission. Your home and your family could live with these pests and not even know it. Raccoons only need a 4-inch hole to gain access into your attic or building. If the hole is not 4-inch, they can tear their way into the building with their claw like hands if they sense that area is what they want. Raccoons love to hid in the attic area. The damage they can do to your home could be in the thousands in order to clean up their mess. They can tear up the insulation inside the attic and use the insulation as their bathroom leaving their fece

Squirrels Invasion

Squirrel hunting season has started. Hunters are in the woods trying to locate a squirrel nest or signs of squirrels. This means squirrels are being driven out of their nests and out of the woods tin order o run away from hunters. Therefore, squirrels need to locate new shelter which is safe to nest and have a food supply nearby. Squirrels gain access into your attic by gnawing into your roof material, vinyl siding, wooden beams, or soffit. Once they reach their destination they get to work by gnawing on wires, ripping through installation to build their nest, and scrounge around looking for food. The damage squirrels do can be significant. The wires they gnaw on can short out and spark whi

These Mice Need To Go

Mice are little nuisance pests that can enter and take over your home, whether it's was just newly built or 100 years old. Mice don't have a preference which as long as it gives them shelter and an adequate food supply. There are many different ways a mice can enter. They can enter through cracks and/or holes found in the outside walls, floors and even foundations. Since these little nuisance pests are so small, they are able to fit through small holes and the holes are not recognized until signs of mice appear. However, there is one area mice can enter that a typical homeowner wouldn't think of, an abandoned sewer pipe. Once mice enter the home, they chew on wires and can tear up anything t

It’s Fall… Why Do I Still See Snakes?

We are clear into fall within our area. The leaves are finally changing colors and falling from the trees. Halloween has come and gone; therefore, Thanksgiving and Christmas is on their way. The temperatures are getting colder, so why are there snakes still out? That’s a good question. Snakes typically stay out of cold temperatures. Venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouths hibernate when the weather cools down. Usually snakes will start the hibernation process at the end of October. Unfortunately, this year we have seen weather warmer than usual and we have experienced an abundant amount of rain which is prolonging them from finding their winter resting place. Some



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