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Wild Animals As Pets

I was watching an episode of the TV show Bones, and in that episode the detective uncovered a farm that had many wild animals as pets. One of the animals was a tiger. The tiger escaped the cage it was being held in and became aggressive toward the owner. The owner eventually had to put the animal down; however, it got me thinking about other people who would have wild animals as pets. Is it a good idea to have wild animals as pets? That is a good question. There are many people who would answer that question as a yes, but others who would answer no. Here are some reasons why you should not. Even though you may have a wild animal since it was a baby, the animal doesn’t stay a baby long. I’

Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside

The smell of cold is in the air. Chimneys are smoking, bon fires are going, and you will hear that distant sound of a gun firing in the woods. Fall is here!! This is the time where you will see hoodies and jackets being worn. You’ll see an occasional scarf tied around someone’s neck. Everyone is preparing for the colder months to come. This is the time where you will find wildlife animals get ready for the colder months as well. Wildlife animals start to scurry around to look for a location that will give them their necessities: warmth, food, isolation. Right now is the time to ensure your home is free of any entry areas that a wildlife pest can enter. Here are 4 common entry points wildlife



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