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Five Star Reviews

Here is what a few of our customers had to say about the excellent service they received from Elite Wildlife Removal. We got off to a rocky start with scheduling, but the overall experience was great! The guys were great. I have an extreme mouse phobia. They were knowledgeable, patient, and understanding of my situation. They did an inspection and recommended a reasonable plan without trying to up-sale me or take advantage of my fear. The price definitely wasn’t cheap. However, they did more work and still managed to be cheaper than my previous exterminator. They found and sealed several points of entry that my previous exterminator missed. They set traps, and will comeback to check them on

These Squirrels Need To Go

It’s around 11:00 pm and you are finally getting into bed from a very hard day. While you’re lying in bed, you start to hear noises coming from within your attic. The noises sound like little feet running around and scratching noises. You get up out of your bed, annoyed, and open the attic hatch to look to see what’s going on. Once you enter through the attic entry, you see tiny eyes glowing at you as if you invaded their space. You see squirrels and think sarcastically, what a perfect ending to a perfect day. Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day; however, unwanted squirrels living inside your home is definitely not appreciated. Squirrels are one of the unwanted nuisance pest that can take up

Now, That’s A Snake

During the summer months, there is so much activity go on. The outside temperatures get warmer and the days are longer. Businesses in tourist locations get ready for the season with the increase in visitors. School lets out and children are on the loose playing with their friends having a great time. Not only are the children out and about, wildlife animals are too. Unfortunately, snakes are among them. There was an article floating around Facebook regarding a gigantic rattlesnake caught in Oklahoma according to the "Wide Open Country Staff". The article states that rattlesnakes are usually measured 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet long; however, the snakes that were hunted was either seven feet or longer. U

Raccoons Are On The Loose

Have you heard any noises coming out of your attic? Have you seen evidence of a nuisance pest within your attic? You may not be alone. There could be a raccoon residing in your home with you. Unfortunately, these pests can wreak havoc in your home and possibly your life too. Let me tell you how. Raccoons pick their locations that will give them plentiful food access and shelter. First, they look for any weak spots around the roof line of the home. Raccoons only need a small opening. Once they locate it around your roof, they use their human like hands and razor sharp teeth to make the hole bigger so they can enter. The most common areas are the soffit, fascia board, gable and/or the attic v



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