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Rodents can be a nuisance…


Mice hate being cold. They will locate a warm and insulated space to move into, even in your own home. Did you know that Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. rank in the top percentage among mice infestation in residential homes within all of U.S. Cities?

These furry creatures may be small; however, they can do a good bit of damage to your home in which homeowners’ insurance policies rarely cover the cost of infestations or remediation. Rodents could potentially cost you a significant amount of money once they invade your home. Mice can cause structural damage to any type of building by gnawing, building its nest, and defecation. They will ruin your upholstered furniture by gnawing to nest in a hidden and snug place. They will cause potential house fires by gnawing into installation around wires and gnawing into electrical appliance wires which will short circuit.

Rodents leave around urine, fecal droppings and hair while chewing into your unpackaged food that also leaves a scent trail for other mice to enter. One mouse can become hundreds in a year timeframe.

Elite Wildlife Removal has a rodent program that is highly effective in getting rid of these furry pests from your home. We don’t just show up to throw out poison to get rid of them, like other companies. We seek out the entry point, remove the ones in your home, and prevent these pests from re-entering. Give us a call and we will be happy to work with you on this process.

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