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Myths about Bats

On warm summer evenings, as children we all would go outside to play at the time of day where it wasn't so hot. Our parents would always tell us to watch out for bats because they loved to get tangled up in your hair. Now as we got older we figured out that bats didn't do such a thing. Bats can fly up to 31 miles all within one night and use a built-in-sonar which use sound that echoes to help them navigate through total darkness. That's impressive!!!

Bats do not like the winter. Some bats will fly south for the winter, just like geese to get away from the cold. Then there are bats that will decide to hibernate in your home. The problem with bats becoming your roommate ranges from being minor to life threatening.

Let me explain... bats can chew on the walls of your home, damage insulation, and damage wiring which could potentially start a fire. A single bat can live up to 30 years and female bats produce babies each summer in which those babies get older and join the colony. Bats tend to stay in the area they are comfortable with, so if female bats keep having babies in your attic, then the colony is going to continue to grow.

Bats not only damage your home, some also carry disease as well. Bats leave behind a substance called guano (bat feces) which clearly stinks and is a carrier of an airborne fungus. Humans inhale this which could turn into histoplasmosis, also called a lung infection. The infection could clear up on its own; however, the infection could also spread to other organs which could be fatal.

If you hear noises in your attic and believe you may have bats, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call. We do a thorough inspection which includes locating the entry point, removing the bats in your home, prevent these pests from re-entering, and talk with you about the remediation process. We will be more than happy to work with you side by side to protect your health and your largest investment.

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