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In some point in our lives, we all have smelt a skunk’s scent either driving or just coming in contact with the animal. They have a distinct smell and striped fur that gives away their identity. As the temperature starts to warm up from the winter cold, skunks start to roam around to breed. This is usually the time homeowners start to come in contact with these animals.

Skunks looks for easy access to food and shelter during the winter, so your home, shed, or patio is a prime location. They gain access to your crawlspace by either tearing away ventilation screen or looking for any foundation openings. Once they have set up residence in your crawlspace, their scent will reach out to you inside your home so you know that they are there. Removing the smell from your home can take a lot of work hours and money just in cleaning supplies.

Skunks can also damage your yard by using their claws to look for insects to eat by digging holes. A pet, either a dog or cat, which comes in contact with a skunk may be sprayed if the skunk feels threatened by it. The smell may remain on your pet for a period of time until it finally wears off. Skunks can bite as a defense from a predator; however, the main cause of biting a person is if they have the rabies virus.

If you have come in contact with a skunk around your residence or believe one is there, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call. You may reach us by dialing 804-867-7184. We do a thorough inspection which includes locating the entry point, removing the skunk from your property, prevent these pests from re-entering, and talk with you about the remediation process. We will be more than happy to work side by side with you to protect your health and your largest investment.

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