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Importance of the Remediation Process

Spring is almost here for 2018 which will give us warmer temperatures. The ground temperature will rise and all the hibernating animals will leave their winter nest. This is the time that critters are looking for a place to produce their babies and have no problem taking up residence in your attic or crawlspace.

The company you call to remove these critters should work with you to go over a step by step plan. The technician will talk to you in regards of remediating your home after removing the animals. This last step is extremely important and should not be overlooked by you nor the technician.

Let me explain why the remediation step is so important. Any animal will use your insulation to nest in when producing their young'uns, to tear up, plus leave their feces and urine for someone to clean up. There are some animals who use the bathroom on your home's insulation could be toxic for you to breathe. Let me give you an example. Bat's guano (feces) is often used as fertilizer because of the high nitrogen and phosphorus content. However, it also cultivates the growth of histoplasmosis fungus that causes severe respiratory problems. Some animals carry parasites, ticks, diseases, and even used the potty to attract other animals.

If you believe you have an animal in your attic or crawlspace, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We do a thorough inspection which includes locating the entry point, removing the animal(s) in your home, prevent these pests from re-entering, and talk with you about the remediation process. We will be more than happy to work with you side by side to protect your family's health and your largest investment.

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