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5 Signs Squirrels are in your Attic

Spring is right around the corner. You want to make sure you know what to look and listen for if you think you have squirrels in your attic.

1. Sounds are heard early in the morning and at dusk. The sounds are scampering which are louder than rats or mice.

2. Droppings from a squirrel is oblong shaped and rounded on the ends. Fresh droppings are dark brown and the older the droppings the lighter they are.

3. They make big and messy nests which is constructed of various materials. The materials can consist of insulation, rubber from wire casings, cardboard boxes, wood, duct work and other things inside your attic. Since squirrels can chew the rubber from around the wires in your attic, this could cause a potential house fire. You need to check your attic space regularly to check things around in your attic for anything that could cause harm to you. your family or home.

4. Squirrel urine and feces will become noticeable. The stench will start to come from where they reside in the home. This could also include any dead squirrels that are rotting as well.

5. Squirrel activity increase. Squirrels will start to run along side utility lines, tree limbs, or roofs more than they usually do. You need to look around your home for entry points where a squirrel gnaws or chews into the soffit, shingles, rooflines, and attic vents.

We're starting to go into squirrel season which means the females will be looking for a residence to have her young. If you have any of these signs for possible squirrels, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We do a thorough inspection which includes the entry point, removing the animal(s) in your home, prevent these pests from re-entering, and talk with you about the remediation process. We will be more than happy to work with you side by side for you to not have unwanted wildlife living in your home.

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