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Fly, Fly Away Birds

There's been an old wives' tale that if a cardinal was seen sitting around, then there is snow on the way. I was washing dishes right before my son got off the bus the other day and looked out the window to see a cardinal sitting in the tree in our yard. The last time I casually looked out the window to see a cardinal sitting in the tree we received close to six inches of snow. So, I suppose the old wives' tale could be true but it's mid March and close to spring though. Shouldn't we have warmer weather and see more blue jays now?

Springtime is the season that birds start their breeding. Birds find their mate, build their nest, lay eggs, then raise their young. Some of them repeat the cycle as many as three times a year. Depending on the type of bird, it can lay four to six eggs at a time. Where birds like to build their nest depends on the location and type of bird as well. It can be on a branch in a tree, on the ground, or even in your home. Around your home birds like to nest in dryer vents such as laundry and bathroom vents, they like to build nests in your attic, or even in your soffit and fascia boards.

Even though some birds have beautiful colors and are fascinating to look at, they can make a big mess if they decide to build their nest in your home. Their droppings can lead to health concerns, bad odors, and permanent staining to your building's materials. The nest material they use becomes dry over time which serves as a fire accelerant if built in duct work like laundry and bathroom vents to make it an extreme fire hazard. Birds also carry mites which migrate from the bird into the home looking for a new host to attach to causing skin irritation and discomfort.

If you see birds coming in and out of a particular location in your home or just need to professionally seal areas so birds can not enter your home, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to remove any bird nesting already in your home and seal it so no more can be built or bird proof your home to ensure no bird can nest.

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