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Interesting Facts About Mice

We all know a mouse is this furry little creature that loves to eat cheese and hates cats. However, here are 10 facts about mice that you may have not known and enjoy.

1. Mice are colorblind and don't tolerate daylight well.

2. Even though mice make the largest and nastiest messes, they are actually particular about cleanliness. It's been observed that domesticated mice divide their cages into different sections for eating, sleeping and using the bathroom.

3. Mice can jump 18 inches in the air.

4. In ancient Egypt, cooked mice were used to heal a number of ailments including stomachaches.

5. Some mice play dead like opossums when they are unable to escape predators or they are frightened.

6. The whiskers help mice to sense smooth or rough edges, temperature changes and breezes.

7. A group of mice is called a mischief.

8. A mouse was first cloned in 1997 and lived for 2 years, 7 months.

9. A study performed by scientists of Isreal revealed that mice can be used detecting explosives or drugs more accurately than dogs or x-ray machines.

10. Walt Disney created the famous mouse character in which he first named Mortimer Mouse. His wife Lillian thought Mickey Mouse would be better.

Even though mice are interesting, they still do a lot of damage once inside your home and they carry diseases. If you find evidence that you have mice in your home, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We do a thorough inspection to determine the entry points into your home and we seal all areas so they can not get in the same way again. We also work side by side with you on the remediation process to clean up their mess.

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