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Who's That Peeping In My Window?

Hi. My name is Squirrel and I'm part of the rodent family. I have fluffy fur, a bushy tail and I'm brown and black in color, but depending on my family members they can be various in colors. I'm roughly around 3 in long and weigh between 11-18 lbs.

I love to jump from tree limb to tree limb, but I can spend all day at your windowsill just watching inside your home. As I memorize your routine, I'm going around your home looking for an opening to get in your attic. I'm not even going to ask for your permission if I can live in there or not. Do I sound like a cute, pitiful, little squirrel now?

Once I get in, I'm going to build my own home with your insulation, wiring, and other stuff you may have up there. While I'm chewing into the wiring in your attic, I don't care if it starts a fire. I've made my own bathroom from your insulation, so I've made sure my scent gives you the impression that I've moved in. Don't mind if I happen to bring in fleas and other diseases because they go where I do. The damage that I will do to your home could be in the thousands of dollars.

If you decide that it's time for me to leave, you will need to call Elite Wildlife Removal at 804-867-7184. They will do a thorough inspection to determine the entry points of how I got in and seal them so no more of us can get back through them. They will also catch me to get me out of your home and work with you in the process of cleaning up all my mess.

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