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Are Beavers Damming Up Your Property?

If you have a any type of waterway on your property, you run the risk of having beavers. Beavers are known for the carpentry work in building dams and building their homes (lodges). They have powerful front teeth which always grow throughout their life, so they won't be worn down by chewing on the wood. Their teeth are so sharp that they can clearly cut through trees for them to use to build their dams.

Beavers are very territorial. They will become aggressive to protect their home which can often be violent. Therefore, beavers are extremely smart. They will investigate the neighbor's scents around it's lodge and once the beaver becomes familiar with those scents then its behavior is less aggressive to the intruder up on its lodge.

These animals have been known to cause millions of dollars in damage. The damage usually consists of tree damage and flooding. The dams and lodges built by them can cause the water to not flow freely as it should, causing a flood which in turn can threaten and flood out your home.

If you see evidence of beavers on your property, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you in removing these nuisance pests.

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