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Helpful Tips For Encountering A Snake

The temperatures are finally getting warmer and the days longer. I've noticed on social media that people are putting more and more posts out trying to figure out what snake they have just run across. Snake sightings are actually earlier this year than they typically are seen. Here are some tips of how you should behave if you happen to encounter a snake.

1. Stay on the trail/path if you are hiking or taking a stroll in the woods. Avoid rocks and logs due to snakes like to hide under these areas. Also avoid tall grass because a snake can be easier seen if the grass is kept maintained. Know your surroundings.

2. If you happen to come across a snake, even if it's not venomous, stay calm. You don't want to make any sudden movements toward the snake, walk away from it or go the opposite direction. If you are not able to go the opposite direction, then you want to give the snake a wide distance between you both as you circle around it.

3. Protect your pets. Make sure you put your pets inside or in a fenced off area of your property if you come in contact with a snake on your property. Dogs typically go after any animal which comes on its territory.

4. Teach your children what he/she should do once comes in contact with a snake as well. We all teach our children a fire safety route if our home is on fire. They also need to have a plan of what to do if they come in contact with any wild animal.

5. Never try to capture or kill a snake. Most snake bites occur from a non professional wildlife tech trying to capture or kill it. If you come across a snake on your property or in your home, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184.

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