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DIY: Keeping Groundhogs Off Your Property

Groundhogs also known as woodchucks are large rodents in the northern part of the U.S. They are known for digging large tunnels to hibernate, live, bring up their offspring, and hide from predators. The tunnels these animals dig can be up to 5ft underneath the top of the ground and 45ft wide, up to 5 different tunnels. These nuisance pests don't mind digging under fences, sheds or even the foundation of your home. Here are some tips on keeping groundhogs away from your yard.

1. Plug the holes to the tunnels that the groundhog has built with cement. You would need to plug all the holes except one so the groundhog can use it to escape and not be left inside. Once you see that the groundhog has left, then that last one will be plugged too.

2. Remove any food source that the groundhog can be staying around for. This could be an extremely hard task because groundhogs can eat almost anything. Remove any fruit that could have fallen from fruit trees on your property, don't leave dog food in a bowls outside, and keep trash can lids sealed tightly.

3. Use certain repellents like sudsy or cloudy ammonia to make them leave. Simulated urine from foxes scares them away since a fox is considered a predator to the groundhog. Moth balls also have scents in which the groundhog doesn't like and will irritate them in leaving too.

4. Leave it up to a licensed professional to trap and remove these pests away from your propery. Give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you regarding your wildlife need.

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