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Be Careful With Bats

The summer season for 2018 has finally started. The temperatures are starting to get above 75' degrees and thunderstorms are starting to roll through and cool down the evenings. Schools are letting kids out for the year and there are many graduation parties going on. Watermelons, crabs, and cookouts are about family get together every weekend. Then, there are all the pool parties and full beaches to keep cool during the day's heat.

During the evening hours you'll also see bats flying about as the kids are still playing outside after 8:30 at night because the sun doesn't completely set until 9:00. Just as we all enjoy the summer festivities, bats also enjoy the warmer weather and later hours. They feast on mosquitoes by eating up to 1,200 in an hour and can fly up to 60 mph to continue to feast.

Bats find shelter in the attics of homes. They don't ask for permission before moving in and they don't mind making a mess while they are there. They can enter the home by the smallest opening to the attic, 3/8 of an inch. The urine and feces (guano) of the bat can be a big mess to clean up.

Bat guano produces a lot of ammonia gas, which is poisonous, and can make you sick if you inhale it for an extended length of time. The more guano that continues to collect from the bats, the more gas is produced. When it comes to cleaning up the guano, there is a proper way to do it by leaving it to a licensed professional. If you have seen bats flying around your roof or seen them in your attic, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184 and we will be more than happy to work with you getting rid of all of your nuisance wildlife needs.

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