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Bizarre Facts About Groundhogs

Groundhogs are mammals and are known for digging tunnels and of courses, the most important part in deciding if winter is in force or if spring is coming early. However, did you know that groundhogs can dig tunnels 45 inches in length and five inches below the earth's surface? These are just two interesting facts about groundhogs, so let's discover some more.

1. Groundhogs are actually rodents which is a the largest member of the squirrel family.

2. They can reduce their body temperature by lowering their heart rate to be the same temperature inside its burrow.

3. They are only found in North America.

4. These animals can eat a pound of food per meal and they only eat during the summer time fating themselves up for the winter hibernation.

5. They are also known as woodchucks, land beavers, and whistlepigs.

6. The burrows they build holds different chambers which are used for different things. One chamber will hold food while another chamber is where it sleeps.

7. Groundhogs use high pitched screeches to warn other groundhogs of approaching threats.

8. A groundhog burrow led to a now famous archaeologist site uncovering a historical village in central OH.

If you see a hole on your property that may belong to a groundhog or seen a groundhog, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. Our friendly staff will work with you regarding your wildlife needs.

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