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How To Identify If You Have A Groundhog

Groundhogs are funny creatures. They love to dig tunnels on properties and it doesn't matter if they dig under a structure. Since the tunnels they dig can go down 5 ft under the earth's surface and up to 45 ft in length with many different chambers, it's not easy determining if those animals are the ones digging holes on your property.

The holes on the burrows is 10-12 in with a mound of dirt in front. Often, they are near a tree base, foundation of a building or a fence. However, the secondary entry will not have the dirt mound in front. You may also see up to five other entry areas that a groundhog will go in and out.

The size of the groundhog looks similar to a common tree squirrel measuring 16- 24 in from nose to tail and weighing up to 10 pounds. They have powerful claws which allows them to dig in the ground for an extended amount of time and quickly to get away from predators.

Groundhogs come out of their burrows to feed in the morning and evening hours. They are herbivores so they will gnaw or claw trunks from fruit trees or ornamental shrubs. They eat varieties of garden plants that grow in the spring or summertime. These animals do hibernate so during the fall and winter months they are sleeping.

If you happen to see a groundhog or notice the holes on your property are from groundhogs, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you regarding your wildlife needs.

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