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Is There An Animal Living On Your Property

Let's face it... wildlife nuisance pests are never going away. The key is to keep your home and property wildlife free by preventing them to gain access either in your home or onto your property.

Raccoons only need a 4-inch hole to gain access into your attic or building. If the hole is not 4-inch, they can tear their way into the building with their claw like hands if they sense that area is what they want. Preventive measures that should be taken is to go around your home or building to ensure there are no holes in the siding, soffit, and roof areas.

Squirrels are very much like raccoons; however, they only need a golf ball size hole to gain access. If the hole is not that small, they will chew their way into the building.

Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel and rats the size of half a quarter. They also can gain access into a building by using an old plumbing pipe. Once mice are inside the building, they multiply quickly and before you know it you will have generations of mice living with you.

Skunks will wonder onto your property as if you invited them. They can make a den under porches or sheds. In order to ensure they can not get under a structure, a preventive measure to use is to screen lattice and place around the structure.

Groundhogs are different. These animals dig their way onto your property. They can dig as 5 feet below the soil and 45 feet in length with as many as 5-7 tunnels. The holes of groundhogs are about 9-inches wide and there is a pile of dirt at the entrance. They can dig their tunnels under fences, porches, sheds or even the foundation of your home. The preventive measure used against groundhogs are a dig defense which is wire placed down under the soil which goes around a structure. Also screened lattice around the structure will help any animal from being able to get under there.

If you see a raccoon, squirrel, mice, groundhog or skunk creeping around your property, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call. Even if you want to take preventative measures against nuisance pests, we will be more than happy to complete an inspection. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to work with you regarding your wildlife needs.

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