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Rain, Rain, Go Away And Take The Ants With You

This Summer season 2018 has brought in more rain than the few last seasons we had in our area. Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia has seen records amounts of rain. Even many locations had flooded which has been devastating itself. The rainy days have brought stormy clouds around and we have to stay inside more; however, when it comes to significant rain the ants come out as well.

Why do ants start scavenging around when it does rain? That's an excellent question. The colonies (ant bed) that ants build are as far underground to reach small amounts of water. They do need water to drink which they get naturally from underground; however, the weather does determine if you see ants within your home or not. Ants like dry conditions; therefore, too much rain will not only flood a place, but it will also flood out ant's colonies.

Once inside your home, these nuisance pests will go everywhere from your bathroom sink to a bowl of dog food on the floor. These pests are highly attracted to sugar, but they will locate and feed on other types of food as well. Ants like to be in multiple groups. You can find ants marching in a line gathering their food source and actually follow the line to the location there are entering in.

Here are a couple tips to use when battling ants:

  • Put certain foods in zip lock bags so ants are not able to reach it. An example is a box of Krispy Creme donuts should be placed in a zip lock bag.

  • Ensure food is cleaned up if spilled on the floor.

  • Wash any dish used that would contain a sugar taste after use.

  • Don't leave any pet food on the floor unless it's a self feed type of pet bowl.

  • Once you locate an entry area of how these nuisance pests are entering, use some type of chemical liquid to spray on the hole. An example would be to use spray clorox bleach cleanser on the point of entry hole.

The Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia area is expected to get more rain through the next week. Elite Wildlife Removal wishes everyone to stay safe and to watch out for any nuisance pest that you can come in contact with.

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