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Humongous Pest Problem

A couple days ago, I watched the newly released move Rampage staring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The movie is about different species of animals that get involved with this toxic fume that makes them over 1000 times bigger than what they actually are. There was a scene at the beginning of the movie of a creature that was suppose to be a mouse. That creature is nothing that you or I would want to deal with; however, I started thinking that even though these "creatures" are small, they can actually be 1000 times bigger when it comes to dealing with nuisance pests.

Raccoons These pests are non sympathetic when it comes to invading human's privacy. Raccoons are nocturnal and territorial, but will come out during the day to

find food. Since they are nocturnal, you will hear noises in your attic when you should be sleeping. They only need a 4 inch hole to gain access into a building. Even if they find a smaller hole, they have the strength to open that hole in order to fit in. Once these pests are inside the building, they can tear up anything and everything. They are known to tear up duct work by shredding the metal with their razor sharp teeth and claws. If there is any insulation, raccoons will use it for nesting and also the restroom which their feces is highly toxic for humans. Wires will be bitten into exposing the wires which can cause a fire.

Squirrels These pests are similar to raccoons except they only need a 1/2 inch hole to gain access into a building and they are not nocturnal. They can do the same damage as raccoons but their feces is not toxic.

Bats Bats only need a 3/8 inch hole to gain access into a building. They don't tear up any duct work; however, they do leave their feces all over the floor. Just like raccoons, bat's feces are highly toxic as well. These pets don't do nearly the damage raccoons and squirrels do.

Mice/Rats - Rodents Mice gain access into a building by the smallest of holes nor in places you wouldn't think about. An example would be through an open garage, or a crack in the foundation. Rats can also use an old sewer line and even the toilet to gain access. These pests can multiply before you even realize you have a mouse living with you. You will see droppings around your home if you have more than a couple mice. Just like raccoons and squirrels, they can chew up insulation for which they use as bedding and also the restroom. They also leave holes in any type of paper, cardboard boxes, or clothes that is left on the floor. These animals don't cause the significant amount of damage that raccoons, squirrels or bats can, but the process to remove them from the building is a bigger process.