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AHHH, Raccoons!! How Can I Handle This?

A raccoon can make himself a living space inside your home. These nuisance pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage inside your home alone. So, the main question which you will ask yourself is, how do I get it out? Sure you can get tons of information off the internet on how to remove nuisance pests from your home. However, is it legal?

In the state of Virginia, it is ILLEGAL to -- take, possess, import, cause to be imported, export, cause to be exported, buy, sell, offer for sale, or liberate within the Commonwealth any wild animal unless otherwise specifically permitted by law or regulation. (4 VAC 15-30-10) This means it is illegal to trap any wildlife animal and/or remove them from their present location unless you are licensed to do so.

The state of Maryland and the District of Columbia's laws are the same as Virginia when it comes to trapping and relocating wildlife pests. Yes, any person can purchase traps in which you don't need a license to do so. These can be purchased at local hardware stores or even online. However, it is still illegal to trap and remove wildlife animals. If you are caught, you could pay a fine and/or even spend time in jail.

Professional wildlife specialists are licensed and trained to handle all nuisance wildlife pests. Elite Wildlife Removal would be more than happy to handle any and all of your wildlife needs. We are a family owned and operated business who is insured and licensed. We not only trap wildlife animals, we also conduct a thorough inspection to determine the entry areas of how they are getting in to the building. We close off those entry areas so that there is no re-entry through that area and since raccoons are messy, we clean up their mess which gives you peace of mind. Give us a call at 804-867-7184.

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