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FAQ's Regarding Squirrels

Have you seen squirrels around your home? Are you awakened suddenly by noises in the attic at night? You are not alone. Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to squirrels.

1. How does a squirrel get into my home? ~ Squirrels can enter a building by a hole that is as small as a quarter. If they find a hole that is not that big, they use their sharp teeth to tear the hole open more so they can fit in. The popular places squirrels enter a building are the roof, gable areas, outer walls and the roof peak.

2. Why are squirrels using my home as their own? ~ Wildlife animals are losing their habitat due to the construction needed to fulfill human population. Unfortunately, we have taken away their home so they need to find a new one. A squirrel just doesn't pick and chose a home over another. If there is no protective measures taken on a building so the animal can't enter, then it is going to.

3. What kind of damage can a squirrel do once inside my attic? ~These nuisance pests can do thousands of dollars in damage. They not only can damage the outside of the home to get in, but they can damage the attic space as well. Squirrels use their sharp claws and teeth to tear up duct work, chew into wires, tear into insulation and tear up anything that could be stored in the attic. Not to mention use the restroom all over the space as well.

4. How much monetary damage can squirrels cause? ~ The cost of damage squirrels cause ranges. It could be a small amount from squirrels just damaging the outside of the home to get in or it can be as much as building a new home because the wires the squirrels chewed up inside the attic created a spark and burnt the home down.

5. Can I just get the squirrels out myself? ~ It is illegal in the state of DC, MD,and VA to trap wildlife animals and export them unless you have a professional wildlife license to do so. If caught, the consequence can be a fine and/or spending time in jail.

6. Why does a professional wildlife technician have to be called to remove the squirrel?~ Professional wildlife technicians are licensed and trained to handle wildlife animals. They are also trained in how to locate certain areas for any signs of entry and how to remove any waste left from the animal.

7. What is the process if I call a professional to get rid of the squirrels? ~ Elite Wildlife Removal will conduct a thorough inspection in which we will go over all work needed to be completed including the price. We locate all entry areas within the home. We trap the animal, then seal off the entry areas so no other animal can get through. We then start the remediation process which is cleaning up their mess.

Give us a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to ease your mind knowing your home will be nuisance pest free.

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