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Endangered, Rare, Threaten Animals in MD and VA

As Summer of 2018 gets close to the end mark, we have Fall right around the corner. So much happens during the Fall season. There's back to school, football, cooler days and nights, bonfires, hoodies, hunting, and so much more. My family gets excited this time of year because the hunting season will be opened. There are actually hunting rules provided by the state that we have to follow due to the animal population number that needs to be increased.

Here is a list of some endangered animals in Maryland and Virginia:

Maryland Mountain Chorus Frog North American Porcupine Baltimore Checkerspot Indiana Bat Bald Eagle Northern Saw-whet owl King's Hairstreak Timber Rattlesnake

The list of Maryland's Rare, Endangered, and Threaten Species is compiled by Wildlife, Conservative Partners and Heritage Services. The list of Rare, Endangered, and Threatened Species is a result of more than 35 years of gathering information, research, and analyze data from numerous sources. The regulatory process to make the list is complex in which the lists are only updated periodically, so there could actually be animals that are listed in this category before they get added.


Virginia Green Sea Turtle Shenandoah Salamander Yellowfin Madton Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Virginia Big-Eared Bat Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle Virginia Fringed Mountain Snail

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_endangered_species_in_Virginia https://www.vawp.org/endangered-species-in-virginia/

We can help Rare, Endangered, and Threatened Species by educating our