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Mice Don't Make Good Room Mates


Did you know that every home has at least one mouse? There is at least one mouse that lives in every home. No matter how new the home is, how clean the home is, or if you have seen evidence of mice.

Mice are moving into your territory around this time of year because the days are becoming shorter and colder. These nuisance pests are looking for a home that provides warmth, shelter and a consistent food supply. Here are some reasons why you need to contact a wildlife professional to ensure your home is rodent controlled.

Shelter Mice can feel the seasons change just like we can. They know when it's time to find shelter to bunker down for the colder months to come. A female mouse is the main character to need shelter so that she can nest in a safe place to have her offspring. A rodent's nest consists of torn paper, fabric and/or insulation that is found all throughout the home. Unfortunately, one mouse can turn into thousands within a small time frame. A female can give birth up to five litters a year with each litter having five to fourteen offspring. Before you know it, you will end up with a mouse infestation living inside your walls.

Warmth Mice can slip through the smallest of cracks, the size of a nickel, to get inside your home. Mice can gnaw through the exterior of your home to open the holes up wider in order to fit through. These pests hate the cold and will die if they don't find a warm place to bunker down to wait out the colder months.

Food They will move throughout your pantry, in and around your cabinets, and all around your floors to look for something to eat. While they look for food, they are also leaving a urine and feces trail on the path they take. They are the ultimate scavengers and can go through your garbage, get into your pet's food and steal from your pantry. They are not picky eaters and will eat anything in which they can gnaw through boxes of food in order to get through to the goods.

Rodents can carry harmful and even deadly diseases that can be transmitted through rodent's feces or even just in the air near it. It is extremely important to have a program that is set up with a wildlife professional company to ensure that your home is rodent controlled. Give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you regarding any professional wildlife needs. We want to ease your mind knowing your home and family is safe from these unwanted nuisance pests. ​

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