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How Can I Help?

I have recently saw posts on Facebook of people saying that baby squirrels had fallen out of the nest and they need to know what to do with it. All babies are cute, whether it's a human being or wildlife animal. However, wildlife animals do NOT make good pets. Wildlife animals being referred to as any undomesticated animal species that its purpose is to live in the wild without being introduced to humans. A few examples are a raccoon, squirrel, bat, snake, fox or mouse. Here are just a few reasons why these animals do not make good pets.

1. Some wildlife animals are a carrier for diseases. 2. The animal can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home depending on what type of animal it is.

Baby squirrels can fall out a nest for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that the nest has been damaged by a recent storm and the second is by an aggressive male squirrel. Mother gray squirrels have more than one nest site in which she will move her young due to a variety of triggers. Mother squirrels are very attentive and will almost always retrieve her young if given the opportunity. Baby squirrels must be attempted to reunite with their mother. Here is what you can do to ensure the baby squirrel gets the care and help it needs.

1. Wear gloves and/or use a clean hand towel to pick up the squirrel and put it in some type of box so it can not try to escape.

2. Young squirrels need to get warmed up before reuniting with mom. Put a hand towel in the microwave for 20-30 seconds and replace with another warmed towel when the first gets colder.

Offer one of the following heating sources:

  • heating pad set on low under container

  • chemical hand warmer wrapped in a clean cloth placed in the container

  • sock warmer.. pour one cup of dry rice or bird seed into a clean tube sock. tie the sock end and secure there are no holes or lose strings. microwave the sock for approximately 30 seconds to one minute. place sock at one end of the container.

3. Reuniting young with their mother must only be attempted during the daylight hours. Gray squirrels are only active during the day and stay in their nest at night. Here is the reuniting process.

  • secure the container, with the baby inside, close to the nest as possible either by the nest or the tree the nest is in.

  • if the baby is not retrieved by nightfall, bring the baby indoors for the evening. keep in a warm, quiet place away from people and pets. do not attempt to feed or water. at dawn, return the baby to the reuniting site.

If after the second day of trying to reunite with no success, contact the Wildlife Rescue Center near you. Wildlife Removal companies are not the same as a wildlife rehabilitation center, so ensure you contact center when it comes to any wildlife animal that needs care.

Babies are the cutest whether a baby human or baby wildlife animal. Do NOT attempt to keep any baby wildlife animal.

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