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Watch Out For Home Fire Hazards

Fall is right around the corner. Kids are going back to school, the leaves are starting to turn different colors and thunderstorms are cooling the outside temperatures down. As the days get shorter and colder, mice and rats are looking for a home to take up residency. Mice and rats are known for the diseases they carry; however, you wouldn't have thought that they would become a fire hazard for your home as well.

You will find many stories of homes burning down and the culprit be wire damage caused by mice. Actually a study was conducted in 2017 which shows the analytical data of causes of house fires from 2010-2014.

As you can see fire caused by electrical distribution and lighting equipment ranked in nine percent. However, the deaths ranked 16 percent and civilian injuries nine percent. That's not saying these percentages is caused by mice; however, mice are part of the cause which could have been corrected.

Mice can fit through the smallest holes to enter your home. Once inside your home, they will chew into paper, insulation and even clothing to help build their nest. They will check out your pantry for a consistent food source while they occupy your home and leave evidence of entry by holes found in boxes and food left on the pantry shelf. They will thank you for your hospitality by leaving their urine and feces everywhere which will cause your home to stink. Since mice like to chew, they will strip wires of their plastic coating exposing the wires. Unfortunately this can cause a fire within the home.

All homes have wires running through out it and all homes have at least one mouse that stops for occupancy. Homeowners also should hire a professional wildlife company to inspect the home for any rodent evidence or control the rodents from entering your home.

Elite Wildlife Removal will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the amount of animals inside your home and the entry areas in which they gained access into your home. We will seal off those entry areas to ensure no animal can get through those areas and trap those nuisance pests to remove them from your home. We also clean up their mess and disinfect for any disease they may have carried and/or mites. After the initial set up, Elite Wildlife Removal also has a monthly rodent program which proactively controls any rodents from entering your home for a monthly fee. Give us a call at 804-867-7184 and we will be more than happy to work with you to put your mind at ease.

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