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Animals Affected By Hurricanes - What Happens To Them?

Getting ready for a hurricane is strenuous. There're supplies that are needed in order to ride the storm out: bottled water, can food, gas for vehicles and generators, wood to board up windows, and the list can go on. Depending the severity of the storm, city/county government can order an evacuation in which will require everyone to pack up and leave.

It is hard to leave a home not knowing if the home will withstand the storm. Unfortunately, homes are not the only thing that a devastating storm can destroy. Wildlife animals don't get the storm's forecast nor a mandatory evacuation memo. Some animals can sense a storm coming and flee the area, but many are trapped in the eye of the storm. There are some wildlife animals that can survive a hurricane; however, there are some animals that can't. Examples of animals that can survive the storm are raccoons, black bears and ground birds. Examples of animals that can't survive the storm are migrating birds, squirrels, deer and red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Certain charities such as The World Animal Protection charity sends emergency teams to rescue, treat, and care for injured animals caught in the path of a hurricane. Unfortunately, there are some animals who lose their home and need to locate a safe place to live which could result in someone's home. That's the time to leave it to a professional wildlife company. A hurricane can do devastating damage; however, the aftermath is much worse for all.

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