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Those Creepy Little Mice

Let's face it... there is no home nor building that has not ever had a mouse in it. From a home that is in the process of being built to a building that is a century years old. At one point or another, a mouse has made it's way inside it.

There are many different ways a mice can enter. They can enter through cracks and/or holes found in the outside walls, floors and even foundations. Since these little nuisance pests are so small, they are able to fit through small holes and the holes are not recognized until signs of mice appear. However, there is one area mice can enter that a typical homeowner wouldn't think of, an abandoned sewer pipe.

Unbeknownist to homeowners or business owners, mice can climb up through the drain line that wasn't capped off after it can no longer be used. A plumber and sewer expert will need to conduct a smoke test which will determine if there has been an old sewer line to the building that hasn't been capped. This will determine if this is a possible entry area that mice has been entering in which can be fixed.

Once mice enter the home, they chew on wires and can tear up anything they can chew through. These nuisance animals can transmit diseases and ruin your food supply not to mention cause horrible foul odors from leaving their urine and feces throughout your home. If you have seen evidence of mice or would like to be proactive so these pests can not enter your home, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you to rid of any nuisance wildlife pest that is or could interfere in your life.

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