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Pests, Pests, Go Away...

Winter is coming and nuisance animals are looking for their safe home to ride out those cold days. These pests will just move in without asking for your permission. Your home and your family could live with these pests and not even know it.

Raccoons only need a 4-inch hole to gain access into your attic or building. If the hole is not 4-inch, they can tear their way into the building with their claw like hands if they sense that area is what they want. Raccoons love to hid in the attic area. The damage they can do to your home could be in the thousands in order to clean up their mess. They can tear up the insulation inside the attic and use the insulation as their bathroom leaving their feces and urine around. They can tear up any property stored in the attic if they can use it to make their nest. These pests can chew into the wiring which can start a fire. Raccoons carry diseases which can be spread the major one being rabies.

Squirrels are very much like raccoons; however, they only need a golf ball size hole to gain access into your home. If the hole is not that small, they will chew their way into the building. Just like raccoons, they also can tear up the insulation and any property in the area to help build their nests plus leave an abundance of their feces and urine throughout the area. Squirrels like to chew so they can chew into the wiring like raccoons. Their stench can also be smelt throughout the home.

Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel and rats the size of half a quarter. They also can gain access into a building by using an old plumbing pipe that hasn't been capped off. Once mice enter the home, they chew on wires and can tear up anything they can chew through. Mice multiply quickly. It only takes a little bit of time until you can have an infestation inside your home. These nuisance animals can transmit diseases and ruin your food supply not to mention cause horrible foul odors from leaving their urine and feces throughout your home.

Skunks will wonder onto your property as if you invited them. They can make a den under porches, sheds, and even crawlspaces if their is a big enough hole for them to fit in.

If you have heard noises in your attic or seen evidence of wildlife nuisance pests inside your home, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to conduct a thorough inspection to determine the animal in the home, how they got in and seal those entry areas for no future access and work with you on the remediation process. We are here to make this easy and to put your mind at ease.

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