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Types of Home Damage Constructed by Nuisance Animals

The conflict between humans and wildlife has been going on for centuries. Let's face it. Nuisance wildlife animals will always become a part of our lives. These pests can be seen inside and outside a home, preferably outside, but there could be an occasion you may find them in your home.

The key is to protect your home by ensuring there are no entry areas around your home in which they can use to enter. Elite Wildlife Removal will be more than happy to conduct a thorough inspection to determine if there are any entry areas and seal them to prevent an animal from getting into your home through that area. However, Elite Wildlife Removal will also remove any unwanted pest(s) that has already made your home theirs.

Here is a list of types of damage(s) that nuisance wildlife animals could do to your home.


~ chew drywall, insulation, personal property stored inside the home ~ invade the food pantry by chewing into boxes ~ ruin any area(s) they come in contact with using their urine and/or feces ~ leave their stench to be smelled throughout the home ~ chew wires which could cause a house fire

Raccoons & Squirrels

~ tear open exterior siding, soffit, roofing materials ~ chew or claw into insulation, air ducts, pipes ~ chew into wires which could cause a house fire ~ ruin personal property stored ~ leave their urine and feces throughout the area(s) they are residing in


~ ruin any insulation with their urine and feces

Groundhogs & Moles

~ dig their tunnels under porches, foundation which can cause the foundation unstable

These are just some of the physical damages these nuisance pests can cause your home. However, they could also carry diseases which can threaten the health of you and your family.

Elite Wildlife Removal is a licensed and insured family business who specializes in the removal and control of wildlife animals. We thoroughly inspect the home for any signs of present wildlife residing in your home and work with you in the process of removing them. We will also take a proactive approach to ensure nuisance pests will not be bothering you in the future. We want to give you a piece of mind that you and your family will be pest free. Give us a call at 804-867-7184 to set an appointment.

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