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Entry Areas: Keep Those Pests Out

Animals have a way of getting into certain areas they don't belong. The smallest of nuisance pest like a mouse can enter a 1/4 inch area. While a raccoon can enter the size of a baseball. Your home is your castle and it's a place for you to enjoy without having to worry about any wildlife intruding on your enjoyment.

Here are 4 common entry points wildlife find to gain access into your domain. 1. roof vents: it is easy for an animal to squeeze under a vent to gain access to your attic

2. chimneys: animals will climb down open chimneys

3. worn soffit or siding: soffits are the weak point of the exterior of your home. they are used to build airflow into the roof or attic; however, animals can chew through wood, aluminum, vinyl or plastic to gain access into your home

4. gaps in the foundation: gaps and cracks in the foundation are an easy location for an animal to nest

If you have seen evidence of nuisance animals give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the animal and the entry areas in which they have entered. We will have a plan in which we work with you putting your mind at ease to ensure your home is back to being "your" castle.

If you have not seen evidence, the key is to be proactive to protect your home and family from these pests. Elite Wildlife Removal will do the same thorough inspection to determine if there are any entry areas in which any nuisance pest can enter. Again, our number is 804-867-7184. Give us a call to set up an appointment.

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