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Mild Temperatures Trick Wildlife Pests

Ever since I was young, my father always looked into the Farmer's Almanac to foresee the upcoming winter season. He always said the almanac will give us an insight on how bad the winter for that year will be. The almanac states for the Winter of 2019 that this area will have colder than normal temperatures and even a significant amount of snow. So far this season, we have seen few inches of snow in this area with very cold temperatures. However, the last couple of weeks the temperature has actually been mild.

With the mild temperatures, I have seen people out enjoying the warmer weather and motorcycles have been riding around. Warmer temperatures does affect human beings by getting us out of the house to enjoy them. Therefore, I have to wonder how warmer temperatures affects wildlife animals during the winter season.

Warmer temperatures does bring out wildlife that is hibernating earlier than when they should come out. Foxes will come out of their den looking for food. The foxes den will not be too far away from whatever food source that they may find. These pests eat a variety of things from livestock to garbage in the outside trash cans.

Mice don't like colder temperatures and will take shelter before the temperatures are unbearable to them. These pests multiply quickly; therefore, you will have an infestation before you even knew you had a mouse. Mice hide in places that are not commonly disturbed like an unclean closet or behind the walls themselves. They will take up residence with you because they have an abundant food supply within your food pantry.

You may even come across a snake within your property. The snakes that are known within this area are the Eastern Garter, Rat, Northern Black Racer, Northern Water, Eastern Hognose, Northern Scarlet, Northern Brown, Eastern Worm, Mole Kingsnake, Copperhead, Eastern Cottonmouth and Rattlesnake. Mice attract snakes. If you have an infestation of mice within your home there is a high probability a snake will follow too.

Any raccoon and/or squirrel that has inhabited your home over the winter season will start to come and go more. If they have taken up residence in your attic, you will see these nuisance pests around the entry area in which they used to gain access. These areas can be around a vent, torn soffit, and even torn roofing material.

If you come across any nuisance pests around your home or if you see evidence of wildlife animals, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you to give your peace of mind knowing your home and property are nuisance pest free.

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