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Building Entry Areas That Nuisance Pests Use

Our home is our castle. It's a place where we can raise a family and it shields us from the outside weather. A place where family members come together to enjoy the holidays around each other. Our home is our safe haven, or so that's what we think.

Wildlife animals can be a nuisance. Raccoons and squirrels are notorious for

barging in our safe haven. Mice will wreck havoc behind the walls, eat into the food stored in the food pantry, and multiply in numbers to continue to do the same. A bat colony can form within the attic or even behind outdoor window shutters. Birds can build nests that can cause fires within the home's vents.

The key is to become pro-active and determine if there are any entry areas in which nuisance pests can enter the home. However, if nuisance pests have already taken up residency inside your home then Elite Wildlife Removal is a company that specializes in wildlife and nuisance pest control and removal.

Some entry areas include:

1. chimney

2. soffits 3. gutter lines 4. uncovered vents 5. gaps in the foundation 6. holes in the siding

These are just a few areas that nuisance animals can enter. Elite Wildlife Removal will be more than happy to take away that burden and give you peace of mind knowing your home and family will be taken care of. Give us a call at 804-867-7184 and one of our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection which will determine the animal in question and check your home for entry areas which can help prevent from happening again in the future.

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