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Raccoon Love

I'm a raccoon! It's 1:00 in the morning and I've decided to move into your attic. I'll make so much noise because I'm rearranging what's up there to fit my taste. Are you sleeping? I'm pretty sure right now that I have gotten your undivided attention. My sharp claws will tear into your duct work and insulation so I can use the material for my bed. I'll also use the insulation as my personal bathroom so you don't have to worry about sharing. Unfortunately, my feces is toxic so watch out if you ever decide to come and visit me. I also have sharp teeth that will shred the wires in the attic so if you smell smoke I highly recommend you calling 911. You won't be able to evict me on your own. You will need to contact a professional wildlife company to do so. I am afraid of Elite Wildlife Removal because news all over the neighborhood says that they got rid of some of my family and friends. Don't worry!! They won't be homeless long. I'm going to let them know there's plenty of room in your attic. We will become awesome friends!!

Don't let nuisance pests control your life. Contact Elite Wildlife Removal at 804-867-7184. We will conduct a thorough inspection and ease your mind in knowing that you WILL get your home back.

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