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Reproduction Season Has Begun For Wildlife Pests

The days are starting to get warmer. Trees and shrubs are starting to turn green with new growth. Soon, flowers will be breaking soil; therefore, will start to bud. Birds will be chirping and wildlife animals will be venturing away from their winter beds more. This is the time of season where many wildlife animals will start to produce young.


Many birds lay eggs in the spring; however, depending on the type of bird, some can begin as early as winter, some late summer and others year round. There are many factors that can affect birds laying such as day length, temperature, or food source. These factors can change the time frame of egg laying as well.

Birds will locate an area to build their nest before they lay eggs. These locations can be in a tree, bush, building rafter, or even vents around your home just to name a few. Homeowners need to ensure none of the vents of their home has been overtaken by birds. If so, depending on where the nest is built can cause damage to the home.


Late winter is when breeding typically occurs and the babies will be born in the spring time. However, if the female didn't bred at that time then it will bred four months afterward and the babies will be born in the summer. Females can birth as many as six cubs per reproduction.

Raccoons are nocturnal in which they are mostly active during nighttime. Home attics are an example of a location where the female will nest her cubs. The pest will build that nest with materials found within the attic such as the duct, insulation or personal property stored. Raccoons can cause a significant amount of damage for the homeowner to clean up.


Grey squirrels is the typical species seen within our area of D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. They bred twice a year, March-April and July-August. The female can birth up to nine babies at a time.