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Household Items Used For Wildlife Rescue

I recently came across a post on Facebook showing how old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals. After reading the article, it got me thinking what other everyday tools we take for granted that can also be used for help wildlife animals. Here are some of the tools that can be used.

Mascara Wand

Wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from baby animals. Since the wildlife animals are so small, the wants are the perfect size for their bristles are close together. A nonprofit organization called Appalachian Wildlife Refuge rescues and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Here's how to rid of those dried up wands and also help wildlife animals.

~ ensure you wash the wands in warm soapy water to remove the mascara residue before mailing

~ Mail to P.O. Box 1211, Skyland NC 28776

Christmas Trees

Every year I pass at least two vehicles that has a tree tied onto the car or in the back of a truck. I don't have the time to purchase a real tree, but many families do. These trees are taken into their homes and decorated for the upcoming holiday season. However, after the season is over and the decorations had been put away, one would wonder what to do with the tree.

There are actually a couple ways to recycle that particular tree. There is a cat sanctuary in Jacksonville, FL that asks their local society to donate those Christmas trees so lions and tigers can use then as toys. Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resource uses those trees to create a habitat for young fish that attracts food and can be used as a barrier. The departments submerges the trees into lakes around the state and also restore lakes that has suffered from natural deterioration and to prevent erosion.

Dawn Dish Liquid

There's a commercial that has been on T.V for as long as I remember stating Dawn dish washing liquid is a key tool used to wash oil pollution off of birds rescued. Many organizations has their trust in this dish liquid and has proven to fight tough oil and has to be gentle on the animal's skin. Dawn has been a key factor for over 40 years into keeping that trust.

These are just a few items that can be used to assist in rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife animals. If you see a wild animal in need of assistance in your area, please contact your local wildlife humane society.

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