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Areas Around A Home Wildlife Pests Enter

Many households have at least one household member that is an animal. Whether that animal has feathers, fur or scales, those animals have a place inside your home. It's one thing to allow an animal to become a household pet; however, it's different when an unwanted animal starts residing in your home without your permission. Animals can be sneaky little creatures. The size of a hole will vary depending on the type of animal. Raccoons, for instance, can fit through a four inch hole. If the head gets through, then the body will follow. Squirrels can fit into a hole the size of a quarter and a mouse can fit in a 7mm hole which looks like the size of a ball point pen. Think about it, the hole a raccoon can fit through is big enough a hole for other unwanted pests to enter as well.

Now knowing the size of a hole an unwanted pest can invade your home, let's know talk about certain areas around your home the pest can enter.

Soffit, Fascia Board, Gable/Attic Vent

These are are the most common areas that a nuisance pest can enter the attic. Raccoons can tear open soffits, gable, or roofing material with their strong like human hands. Once that hole is made by a raccoon, if the hole is not properly sealed then any other animal can enter through the same hole.


Birds and bats are the most common nuisance pest to enter through a chimney or flue. Birds will build their nests inside the chimney to lay eggs and conceal those eggs away from predators. Most of the time, bats are within a colony. They too chose the chimney to hid away from social engagements.

Bath/Kitchen/Dryer Vent

These vents are the most common areas a bird will build their nests. The vents are hidden away from any activity so it can lay it's eggs to keep them from harm.

Foundation Cracks/Crawlspace

Any type of cracks whether in the foundation, basement, or crawlspace is easy access for a mouse or even a snake to enter. Mice are a food source for snakes, so where ever a mouse goes, a snake can follow.

Elite Wildlife Removal is a professional wildlife control and removal company that is properly licensed and trained to work with any wildlife pest. Give us a call and one of our trained technicians will be more than happy to conduct a thorough inspection to determine the level of animal activity and the entry areas around your home. We will work with you regarding the outcome of the inspection which will include an action plan to clean up any of the animal's mess. Give us a call at 804-867-7184.

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