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Know The Difference: Watch Vs. Warning

Spring has finally sprung in the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area. Trees, shrubs and flowers start to bud and the temperatures are more pleasant during the day time. However, Spring also brings in rain and is the start to severe thunderstorms.

Last night's storm brought rain and wind which included an isolated tornado. There are a lot of down tree limbs that blocks the roadway and make them unusable to pass through. Some people are without power and some schools have been cancelled due to the roadways and power outages.

On Sunday afternoon, the weather center had placed tornado watches within our area. Throughout the day, the weather center would give daily updates as to what this system would be capable of doing and getting everyone prepared when the storm arrives. The weather center was showing the damage it had caused within North Carolina and Georgia after the storm passed their area to give us an idea of what we are facing. Finally when the day was done and it was bed time, it was only raining.

However, I awoke in the early morning hours due to the gusts of wind and rain pounding on my home. My cell phone was going off because there have been tornado warnings placed out just south of our home and severe thunderstorm warnings in our area. A couple tornadoes had spawned out in Central Virginia through the early morning hours.

What is the difference between watches and warnings, you may ask? Here is a visual on how they differ.

Whether the weather center has sent out a watch or warning, it's always good to take precaution of what can happen. Ensure you and your family is safe in any upcoming bad weather conditions.

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