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Bird Watching Will Turn Into Shewing Away Birds

The colors on birds are beautiful to see. I suppose that's why many people like to bird watch. Many people can't wait until springtime to sit on the porch outside in the warmer temperatures just to watch the birds during the day coming to and fro the bird feeders that are put out for them. Even though birds hold their beauty; however, they can cost a homeowner money in home damage.

Birds will build their nests right in the corner of your gutters which can clog them up so water can not drain correctly away from your home. The damage can cause the gutters to be detached from your home due to the weight or even make them collapse. Structural damage will start and if not caught will start to rot your home over time. Without the use of the draining system, standing water coming from the gutters can cause foundation damage. Also the droppings from birds are very acidic which can eat away at certain roof materials to cause them to leak.

Birds can build their nests in your chimney or even the vents on the home. The most popular is the dryer vent. The heat from the dryer keeps their laid eggs warm; however, the nests are very flammable which can cause a house fire. Chimneys that have bird's nest built inside them can cause carbon monoxide inside your home and without the proper ventilation systems could be life threatening. If you happen to see birds coming to and from your home, you could have a nest built in areas it shouldn't be. Even if you want to be proactive and check those areas, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We do a thorough inspection to determine if nests are built where they shouldn't be, seal those areas, and we will work with you regarding the remediation process to clean their mess.

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