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Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside

The smell of cold is in the air. Chimneys are smoking, bon fires are going, and you will hear that distant sound of a gun firing in the woods. Fall is here!! This is the time where you will see hoodies and jackets being worn. You’ll see an occasional scarf tied around someone’s neck. Everyone is preparing for the colder months to come. This is the time where you will find wildlife animals get ready for the colder months as well.

Wildlife animals start to scurry around to look for a location that will give them their necessities: warmth, food, isolation. Right now is the time to ensure your home is free of any entry areas that a wildlife pest can enter.

Here are 4 common entry points wildlife find to gain access into your domain. 1. Roof vents: it is easy for an animal to squeeze under a vent to gain access to your attic

2. Chimneys: animals will climb down open chimneys

3. Worn soffit or siding: soffits are the weak point of the exterior of your home. They are used to build airflow into the roof or attic; however, animals can chew through wood, aluminum, vinyl or plastic to gain access into your home

4. Gaps in the foundation: gaps and cracks in the foundation are an easy location for an animal to nest

Squirrels, raccoons, and bats like to inhabit the attic area. Squirrels and raccoons can tear open the outside soffit, vents, or even the roofing material to enter the home. The damage that can be done could costs in the thousands once inside. They can tear up air ducts, pipes, wires, insulation and anything else they can either chew with their teeth or claw with their razor sharp claws. Once wires are exposed, there is a potential for a fire which can be a catastrophic loss. Air ducts and insulation can be costly to replace once a nuisance pest gets done with it.

Mice will cause damage within your home and the longer the infestation goes, the more costly and potential permanent damage could take place. These little pests build their nests and feed themselves by chewing on anything they consider will be useful. The damage could be from clothes, paper, wood and even wires. They are also known to chew up drywall and insulation throughout your home. Anywhere a mouse goes there is the potential of them leaving their urine and feces within that location.

Not only is there the damage nuisance pests cause, but there's also a diseases they can potentially carry. Raccoons, squirrels, bats and other wildlife pests’ feces have an unpleasant odor that your guest can smell. However, raccoon’s feces can cause problems in human's lungs which can be fatal. There's also mold that can grow on all the insulation the nuisance pests use a bathroom stall.

Elite Wildlife Removal is a wildlife control and removal company that will work with you to ease your mind in knowing your home will be pest free. We will conduct a thorough inspection around your home, professionally looking for any entry areas that need to be sealed. Give us a call at 804-867-7184 and we will be more than happy to work with you.

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