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Animal Heat Stroke – Know The Signs

The outside temperatures are heating up in our area. We have been experiencing 90’ plus temperatures; however, the heat index raises those numbers even higher. Many animal owners leave their pets outside whether if it’s to use the restroom, not allowing them in the home or even having them outside while you are outside. Those 90’ plus temperatures not only affects the pet owner while outside, but the pet as well. A heat stroke is a term used for hypothermia or elevated body temperatures. If the body’s temperature exceeds 103’, it is considered hypodermic or abnormal.There are primary causes of a heatstroke. Based on the information from Petmd , a hot environment can heatstroke; however, the

It's A Batty Summer

Have you been outside at night and been overcome with insects flying around you? During the evening hours you'll also see bats flying about as the kids are still playing outside after 8:30 at night because the sun doesn't completely set until 9:00. Just as we all enjoy the summer festivities, bats also enjoy the warmer weather and later hours. Those pesky insects are a bats buffet. Bats decrease the insect population by eating up to 1,200 mosquitoes within an hour. Think how many more pesky insects there would be without the help of bats. Bats can find shelter in the attics of homes. Normally, bats are in a pack instead of just one alone when they bunker down in shelter. They don't ask for p

Summer Time Fun

Memorial Day is the start of summer time fun. The pools and beaches open to the public. Our area schools end for the summer months and the kids run wild throughout the neighborhood to go to their friend’s home. It’s the start of many cookouts with family and friends. Here is some facts about Memorial Day and why it’s celebrated. 1. This day was a response to the carnage of the Civil War. Women placed flowers on the graves of their fallen soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg. The following year, women decorated the graves of soldiers buried in Vicksburg, MS. Women laid flowers on the graves of both the Union and Confederate soldiers in 1866. The same months, Civil War veterans marched through

Remediation: An Important Process

The company you call to remove these critters should work with you to go over a step by step plan. The technician will talk to you in regards of remediating your home after removing the animals. This last step is extremely important and should not be overlooked by you nor the technician. Let me explain why the remediation step is so important. Any animal will use your insulation to nest in when producing their young'uns, to tear up, plus leave their feces and urine for someone to clean up. There are some animals who use the bathroom on your home's insulation could be toxic for you to breathe. Let me give you an example. Bat's guano (feces) is often used as fertilizer because of the high nitr

A Yard Collapsed: Groundhog Suspected

Have you seen burrows in your yard? Have you walked around in your yard and where you step caved in? Groundhogs are mammals and are known for digging tunnels. These creatures have different names such as: woodchuck, groundpig, whistlepig, and chuck just to name a few. The size of the groundhog looks similar to a common tree squirrel measuring 16- 24 in from nose to tail and weighing up to 10 pounds. They have powerful claws which allows them to dig in the ground for an extended amount of time and quickly to get away from predators. Groundhogs like to make tunnels (burrows) underneath the surface to live in. They use the burrows for sleeping, taking care of their young, and hibernating so it’

Is Your Home Guarded Against Nuisance Pests?

That is a great question! Did you know that even brand new built homes have some kind of nuisance pest living within it? There are different locations that pests can use to gain access into your home without your permission. The key is to pro-active and seal up any areas that are of concern. The most common areas are: Attic / Roof Vent These areas are mostly used by raccoon, squirrels, bats, and/or birds. Many homeowners fail to guard these locations because they think an animal can’t gain access because they are so high up from the ground. Nuisance pests will use any object to push their way inside. Dryer Vent Birds use these vents to build their nest to not be disturbed. They are laying th

That’s Not A Dog

As I was driving down the road, I saw a dog running across the road. The dog looked to be skinny and had a longer snout than most. As soon as I got closer, I noticed that wasn’t a dog but a fox. The red fox is the most common fox seen within this area which has a dog like appearance. They are most active during the early hours of darkness and very early morning hours. You can see them move around the day when it's a dark overcast about. While foxes roam around, they can cause serious problems for poultry farms. Foxes usually attack the throat of young livestock; therefore, kill them by their multiple bites. They eat poultry, pig, deer, rabbits, mice, bird eggs and insects. The damage foxes

Awe.. Baby Nuisance Pests

This is the time of year for new growth. Spring brings new beginnings and baby nuisance pests are born. Right now is the time frame where you will see an abundance of raccoon, squirrel, possum, bat, bird, and groundhog activity which includes babies. How many times do you visit your attic? I can honestly say that I go into mine at least twice a year: to get the Christmas tree down and to put it back. However, at that time, I'm guilty to say that I don't look around the attic to see if there has been any wildlife activity so there's no telling what would be found in my attic if it was inspected. Raccoons are a one of the nuisance animals that can invade the attic space. They move in around th

Are There Slithering Snakes In Your Backyard?

That’s right, folks!! It’s snake season again. There are many different type of snake species within our area. Both venomous and non-venomous. The key is to be fully knowledgeable with the type of snake you encounter. This area has a majority of three different snakes: black, copperheads, and water snakes. Here is how you can tell the difference. Black Snake The black rat-snake and black racer snake are the most common snakes which gets confused as being a copperhead. Both of these snakes are non-venomous. The pupil is round on both snakes and the pattern on these snakes is like an hourglass; however, the pattern doesn’t extend to both sides of these particular snakes like it does a copper

A Season For Ticks

We are approaching much warmer weather to start into the summer season for this year. All of the flowers are bloomed, trees have their green leaves back, and there is a lot more outside activity. Not only does the warm weather let there be more outside activity, but ticks are also crawling around. There was an article in the Free Lance Star on April 30th, 2019 that stated tick season around the area is going to be a bad one according to the health and pest control officials. Not only is this season going to be a bad one within the area, there is a new type of tick on the rise called the Asian Longhorn tick. This tick was introduced on sheep in New Jersey back in 2017. It is now discovered in



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