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Nuisance Pests Leaves Homeowner Christmas Gifts

Santa has come and gone. All the presents has been dispersed and opened. The leftovers from the holiday ham and turkey dinner has finally been consumed. Family members had left and the holiday decorations are now put away. This is the opportunity to lay on the couch with a cup of coffee or tea in hand and catch up on Netflix movies. However, while the movie is playing, a scene shows an actor come across nuisance pests within their home which reminds you about the droppings you came across while getting all the Christmas presents down to put under the tree. During the Christmas rush, many homeowners stack their purchases of gifts in certain areas of the home which does not have a lot of traff

Entry Areas: Keep Those Pests Out

Animals have a way of getting into certain areas they don't belong. The smallest of nuisance pest like a mouse can enter a 1/4 inch area. While a raccoon can enter the size of a baseball. Your home is your castle and it's a place for you to enjoy without having to worry about any wildlife intruding on your enjoyment. Here are 4 common entry points wildlife find to gain access into your domain. 1. roof vents: it is easy for an animal to squeeze under a vent to gain access to your attic 2. chimneys: animals will climb down open chimneys 3. worn soffit or siding: soffits are the weak point of the exterior of your home. they are used to build airflow into the roof or attic; however, animals can

Nuisance Pest - Raccoon Control

The temperature outside is getting colder and we've already seen snow this winter season. Nuisance animals are making their way into our homes for shelter through the cold. Raccoons look for easy access into your home where they will make their nest. These nuisance pests are extremely smart and have learned that buildings with garbage cans or dumpsters are great locations to live for their adequate food source. Any weak part of the structure of your home is where they will tear up and chew their way in. They are able to squeeze through the smallest of holes, they can rip open siding with their strong human like hands, and they can chew through wiring with their razor sharp teeth. The damag

How Much Damage Can Squirrels Cause

Squirrels seek food and shelter in a warm location during the winter months. Not only do they look for warmth to get away from the winter months but, they seek a warm place to reproduce. Squirrels are excellent climbers; therefore, your home is no obstacle for them with the change of modern day society which is growing at a rapid pace. Squirrels gain access into your attic by gnawing into your roof material, vinyl siding, wooden beams, or soffit of your home. Once they reach their destination, they'll get to work gnawing on wires, ripping through installation to build their nest, and scrounge around looking for food. Not to mention their urine and feces they leave as well. The damage squirre

Remediation Is An Important Step

Nuisance wildlife pests are looking for locations to get them through the winter. These locations are a place that is warm, provides shelter from predators, and is nearby an easy access food source. Many times these pests will chose an attic or crawl space as their residence. Once these pests find their residence of choice, they will make it their home. Once the damage is done, it could cost a homeowner or business owner thousands of dollars to clean up their mess. Some of the damage can include torn up insulation, chewed wires, chewed up personal property, and/or urine and feces tangled within all the debris. Elite Wildlife Removal would be more than happy to work with you to go over a step

Types of Home Damage Constructed by Nuisance Animals

The conflict between humans and wildlife has been going on for centuries. Let's face it. Nuisance wildlife animals will always become a part of our lives. These pests can be seen inside and outside a home, preferably outside, but there could be an occasion you may find them in your home. The key is to protect your home by ensuring there are no entry areas around your home in which they can use to enter. Elite Wildlife Removal will be more than happy to conduct a thorough inspection to determine if there are any entry areas and seal them to prevent an animal from getting into your home through that area. However, Elite Wildlife Removal will also remove any unwanted pest(s) that has already ma

One mouse, two mice, three mice..

It's getting cold outside. Winter is almost upon us; therefore, pests will look for a warm secure place to reside. This location will give them security and a plentiful food source so that they can stay for a long length of time. Unfortunately, these pests don't ask permission to reside within the home. Each and every building has seen or will see a mouse no matter how new the building is. Mice can fit through the littlest of holes. Adolescent mice can fit through the size of a pen where an adult can fit through the size of a dime. They can enter a home or building if there's a hole in the foundation, a hole within the outside building material like vinyl, and/or they can enter through an op



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