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A Bird's Life

There are a pair of sparrows that have lived in certain areas around my home since I’ve bought it in 2012. These two birds have been together through every season and even huddled up during the coldest months in the winter. Since it’s been warm, I usually sit on my front porch to relax from the day and I’ve seen the little sparrow constantly fly under my carport down to a certain area around my water hose housing. Once I noticed she has flown away, I went to the area and noticed she has a nest built with five little mouths opening up waiting for food to drop in.

Springtime is the season that birds start their breeding. Birds find their mate, build their nest, lay eggs, and then raise their young. Some of them repeat the cycle as many as three times a year. Depending on the type of bird, it can lay four to six eggs at a time. Where birds like to build their nest depends on the location and type of bird. It can be on a branch in a tree, on the ground, or even inside an opening around your home. They will nest in vents such as a dryer and bathroom vents, in your attic, down your chimney, or even in your soffit and fascia boards.

If a bird build its nest right in the corner of your gutters, it can clog them up so water can’t drain correctly away from your home. The damage can cause the gutters to be detached from your home due to the weight or even make them collapse. Structural damage will start and if not caught will start to rot your home over time. Without the use of the draining system, standing water coming from the gutters can cause foundation damage.

The most popular area a bird build its nest is inside the dryer vent. The heat from the dryer keeps their laid eggs warm; however, the nests are very flammable which can cause a house fire. Chimneys that have bird's nest built inside them can cause carbon monoxide inside your home and without the proper ventilation systems could be life threatening. Their droppings can lead to health concerns, bad odors, and permanent staining to your building's materials. Birds also carry mites which migrate from the bird into the home looking for a new host to attach to causing skin irritation and discomfort.

If you happen to see birds coming to and from your home, you could have a nest built in areas it shouldn't be. Give us a call at Elite Wildlife Removal at 804-867-7184 or 301-848-5084. Or friendly staff with be more than happy to work with you to complete an inspection to ensure you and your home is wildlife free.


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