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5 Reasons Exotic Animals Are Not Pets

We all have a soft heart when we see a baby animal. It could be a cat, dog, raccoon, squirrel or even a bunny. Even further our sympathy starts to show when that baby animal is hurt or has been left behind from its mother. Our “mothering” (human nature) will not let that baby suffer or die: therefore, we take the baby home to nurture it. Then when the baby grows bigger and it’s time to release it we find ourselves not able to because now we are attached, so we keep it as a pet. Unfortunately, our soft heart could get us in trouble.

(1)Each state has its own laws when it comes to having an exotic animal as a pet. In the state of Virginia, it is illegal to possess any exotic animal without proper permits or licenses. An animal control company or state wildlife control should be contacted and advised of the animal you found so the animal can be taken care of. Then once the animal is older it can be released back into the wild and survive.

I’m sure you heard the story of the woman who let her pet python sleep with her every night. Then when she noticed the python stopped eating, she took it to the vet. The vet started asking the woman questions and she was told about its sleeping arrangement. The vet told her that the python was preparing its stomach for what it was stalking to eat next which was her. This story is common, but without the snake. (2)Even though you may have an exotic animal since it was a baby, the animal doesn’t stay a baby long. (3)It could bite anyone in the house it grew up with because it’s in their instincts.

(4)Some exotic animals carry diseases and parasites which could be transferred to a human. Let’s use a raccoon for example, the feces from a raccoon could contain raccoon roundworm. This parasite does infect humans which is very dangerous to humans, especially children. Raccoons could also carry rabies in which a human is bitten there is a great possibility the virus will be spread.

(5)You could also put your biggest investment in danger. Your home shows your personality, love, and family in which you work hard to protect. It can be ripped to shreds depending on the exotic animal you brought home. We will use squirrels for example. Squirrels have very sharp nails which are to be used to pierce bark and climb trees; therefore, there will be no problem for them to tear into your furniture, curtains and mattresses with all the energy they have. Even the home’s insulation is in danger if they can get to it. Those items would cost a good amount to be replaced.

We all have a soft heart, but when our minds are sending red flags about taking exotic animals home and keeping them as pets we must listen to them. Our family and home could be at stake.

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