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Common Nuisance Animal Entry Points

Animals have a way of getting into certain areas they don't belong. Your home is your castle and it's a place for you to enjoy without having to worry about any wildlife intruding on your enjoyment. Here are 4 common entry points wildlife find to gain access into your domain:

1. roof vents: it is easy for an animal to squeeze under a vent to gain access to your attic

2. chimneys: animals will climb down open chimneys

3. worn soffit or siding: soffits are the weak point of the exterior of your home. they are used to build airflow into the roof or attic; however, animals can chew through wood, aluminum, vinyl or plastic to gain access into your home

4. gaps in the foundation: gaps and cracks in the foundation are an easy location for an animal to nest

If you hear any noises in your attic or see any areas that could be a potential entry area into your home, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to inspect your home for any entry areas and any nuisance wildlife activity.

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