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Why does light attract bugs?

Winter is almost gone. Imagine all the parties you're going to have because the evenings will be getting warmer. You'll be sitting around with all your friends planning out the rest of spring and into the summer when you start to hear the "zap" coming from your bug zapper hanging on the porch. Has it ever come across your mind why bugs are not smart enough to stay away from them.? Well, here's why.

A theory behind the "why" is because they mistake the light for the moon. Evening bugs navigate by using moonlight by keeping the light at a constant angle to maintain a steady flight path and a straight course. Flies, moths, beetles and other flying insects that has a positive phototaxis are attracted to light. Phototaxis is the organism's automatic response to light. Even LED lights attracts these insects as long as they don't use any UV light. The colors in the light actually makes a difference on how it will attract an insect. If you want to minimize the amount of flying insects around your outside party, then you want to use light with colors of UV. blue, and green. Lights that use the colors yellow, orange, and red draws the insects closer.

Here at Elite Wildlife Removal, we wish everyone a pest free season; however, if you need assistance with any of your pest needs give us a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to work with you.

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