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Just Another Nut

We all have seen the animated movie Ice Age. There's a little squirrel trying to get his prize, his nut, but he never seems to obtain possession. If you've seen the movie, then you've seen all the things that has happened to the squirrel while he's chasing his prize. The poor thing even chooses his little nut over a beautiful female squirrel for companionship. He loves that nut!!

Squirrels must rely on foods rich in protein, carbs and fats since they don't digest cellulose which are found in nuts. The main nuts you will see them eating are pine nuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnut, peanuts and of course acorns, just like in the Ice Age movies.

Squirrels will hide their treasure anywhere, but forget where they hid them. Our furry little friends play a major part in global development because after they hide their nuts they don't remember where they hid them and the nuts that are buried in the ground begin to grow into vegetation or trees.

As a society we protect our territory and keep it safe. The same goes for squirrels. They will fight each other over a nut and the winner will get the prize. Not all squirrels carry their food in their mouth. Ground squirrels use their mouth like we would use grocery bags. They pack their cheeks with their findings to take back to their nest or hide them.

These little bundles of entertainment are fascinating to watch; however, they are still a nuisance pest who can take residence in your home and cause damage within. Give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184 if you suspect you have unwanted tenants. We do a detailed inspection and we work with you in the process of removal and control.

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