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Facts About Bees That You May Not Have Known

Bees are like the sweet and sour bear like you've seen on t.v. They make the most sweetest liquid that we all know so well, honey. However, if they feel threatened or bothered, their stinger will get you. Here are some facts that you may not have known about bees.

1. A honey bee can fly 15 miles per hour up to 6 miles. 2. The reason why wasps are so aggressive is the venom contains a pheromone that causes the other wasps to react that way. 3. Honey bees are the only insect that produces food for humans. They are responsible for pollinating 80% of all fruit, vegetable and seed crops in the U.S. 4. The largest bumblebee is found in Argentina and Chile. 5. The male carpenter bee does not have a stinger. 6. Wasps feed their young meet like insect larvae. 7. Fertilized eggs means the bee will be female, unfertilized eggs turn into males. 8. A tarantula hawk wasp can overpower a tarantula with a sting that is excruciating painful to humans. 9. Most bumblebees are listed as endangered, vulnerable or near threatened. 10. Hornets sting is repeatedly, not like one sting with a wasp.

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