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Copperhead vs Black Snakes

There has been a big increase of the number of copperhead snakes seen this year already. Even though those snakes are on the rise within the area, don't be fooled by snakes that may look like copperheads.

Stories have been told by old timers that a dangerous crossbreed had accrued between the copperhead snake and a black snake. This is not true. The is no possible way the copperhead and a black snake can mix. Let me tell you why. The chromosomes of a black snake differs from those of the copperhead in which the snakes come from a different species of the snake family. Also, the copperhead gives live births while a black snake lays eggs.

However, there are many non venomous snakes which do look like

copperheads. The eastern ratsnake, black racer, watersnake, milksnake, hog-nose snake, corn snake and corn kingsnake has almost the same markings as a copperhead. There are some ways in which you can tell a venomous snake from a non venomous. All non venomous snakes has round pupils which all venomous has a vertical pupil. A harmless snake has a dual row of scales after the anal plate; however, the venomous has a single row of scales.

The black ratsnake and black racer snake are the most common snake which gets confused as being a copperhead. The easiest way to tell the difference between them without getting close is by looking at the patterns on them. All the snakes has a hourglass pattern; however, the pattern doesn't extend to both sides of the black ratsnake nor the black racer as it does with the copperhead.

Remember, if you do happen to see a snake just leave it alone and don't try to handle it. The snake will only stike out if it feels threatened. Get professional help and give us a call at 804-867-7184. We will be more than happy to come out and professionally remove the snake.

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