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Here Comes The Critters

Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia has seen more rain this 2018 season than the last few seasons. Our area is to expect more rain and storms consistently until the following week. That means we can not enjoy the sunny Summer days nor can our children go outside to play. Not only does the rain keep everyone inside, it also effects wildlife animals too.

Wildlife animals such as raccoons and squirrels can be seen outside while it rains; however, there are seen very limited and mostly just to find food. Otherwise, they will locate areas to stay dry which could mean under your crawlspace or in your attic space. If one of these wildlife animals gets into your attic then they can tear up any duct work, insulation, or any personal property that is stored. The monetary amount to restore the attic before a nuisance pest arrived can result in the thousands for a homeowner.

Foxes are noctural which means they are seen mostly at night. These wildife animals build dens to sleep in, raise a family, and to stay out of nasty weather like rain storms. Those dens can be built on a homeowner's property or in a woody area. As long as their is a food source nearby, these nuisance pests will continue to stay right where they're at instead of moving on.

Snakes are driven out in the open due to heavy rain or a period of consistent rain. You will see more snake activity on roadways due to them trying to locate dry areas. These nuisance pests are also seen more in crawlspaces, sheds, and even in homes. Be careful when entering any building that is low to the ground. You never know what you could come in contact with.

Birds are beautiful to watch with all their colors; however, they can also be a nuisance. These pests will build their nest for protection against predators and even the weather. Birds like to chose dry areas such as vents of a home. Laundry and chimney vents are the most popular for birds to build their nest; however, these nests can catch on fire without the owner even knowing until it's too late.

The rainy weather our area is receiving is quite much. If you have seen any wildlife animal on your property or suspect there is one, give Elite Wildlife Removal a call at 804-867-7184. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to work with you regarding any of your wildlife needs.

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